Selected Modular Programs


Each Program includes an assortment of coaching, training, marketing materials, case design and

web based calculators coupled with administration and tax reporting. All available on a modular basis.

Client oriented and compliant — Private Labeling Available

Available for each Program:
Training Manuals PowerPoint® Presentations
Letters and Flyers Application Kits
Tri-Fold and Half-Fold Brochures Prototype Legal Documents


The Private Label Trust Services Program

Compel deeper, longer client relationships

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The CharitableCapitalTM Gift Annuity Program

The Reinsurance of Charitable Gift Annuities

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The CharitableCapitalTM Planning Program

Creating a Higher Level of Planned Giving

· More details...

The ManagedIncomeTM Trust Program

A version of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Manage income and taxation while generating a substantial tax deduction

· More details...

The LeveragedExecutive LoanTM Program

The Split $$$ Alternate

An Effective Solution to New Deferred Compensation Changes

· More details...

The EBenefitsHubTM Program For Businesses

A comprehensive approach to employee benefit planning

· More details...

The Leveraged IRA Giving Program

Replacing — Emotional Investing with Reason, Knowledge and Foresight

· More details...

The Private Income TrustTM Program

Income and tax savings while living - giving at death

· More details...

The Managed Lead Annuity Trust

Engineering Taxable Capital into Financial Capital

· More details...

The Shadow Equity Incentive Program

Ownership motivation with out giving up ownership

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TaxEngineered Accredited InvestingTM

A paradigm shift in investment taxation and risk management

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The Private Giving Fund ProgramTM

Creating Bigger Waves of GivingTM

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