A New Wealth Management Dimension

The TaxEngineered Accredited Investor Platform

Far beyond “tax efficient or optimized investing” processes.

A plug-n-play, fully automated, concierge services approach

RIA Firms “plug” their proprietary SMA Portfolios into their private IDFs for tailored client investing; avoiding income, estate and capital gains taxation. The platform employs sound tax statutes to minimize while guaranteeing mortality and contract costs.

Firms utilize their existing custodial, reporting and operational facilities while performing their fiduciary duties.
Free of commissions and additional licensing requirements.

Targeting 142,000+ U.S. Families with Net Worth's exceeding $25,000,000(2)

• Assists in dealing more effectively with client needs, concerns and objectives.
• Maintains flex and balance for clients as they cope with constant change.
• Integrates into planning, marketing and asset management processes.
• Gains more control over taxation within a wealth management practice.