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Harbor Life Brokerage Joins The Exclusive WE Expert Sourcing Consortium

Revolutionizing the Life Settlements Process for Advisors and Their Clients

Introducing “My Policy Predictor™” – Reducing policy pricing from months to minutes

Orlando FL, March 8, 2022 – The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies (WE) is pleased to announce its addition of Harbor Life Brokerage (HLB) as an exclusive member of its Expert Sourcing Consortium. “HLB’s national presence, deep expertise in life settlements and technology-focused offerings make them a natural fit for our network” said WE Founder and CEO Nick Gregory, ChWE. “Harbor Life’s agile infrastructure will seamlessly connect the life settlement ecosystem to the WE network of more than 2,100 wealth management firms. HLB offers the only life settlement platform that empowers wealth managers to automate the life settlements process front-to-back.”

“We’re honored to be included in the WE Expert Sourcing Team,” said HLB CEO Lucas Siegel. “We’re on a mission to unlock billions in retirement funding to help American families. The connections we make with wealth advisors through WE will enable us to provide more flexibility, more transparency, and higher payouts to policy owners who no longer need their life insurance policies.”

HLB has revolutionized life settlements through technology and deep industry relationships. HLB’s AI-driven My Policy Predictor™ calculator lets advisors instantly estimate the settlement value of their clients’ life insurance policies, including tax implications. Should a client choose to pursue a settlement, the Harbor Life Exchange brings together every major institutional buyer to bid on the policy, resulting in sale prices 50% higher than the industry average.

“Every year in the U.S., some $200 billion in life insurance will lapse that could have been sold in a life settlement,” said Siegel. “Through our partnership with WE, we intend to put more cash in the pockets of American families to fund their retirements, pay medical bills, or pursue smarter investment strategies.”

With this announcement, HLB joins an arsenal of best-of-breed expert sourcing firms to provide services to WE’s network of wealth management firms, investment and insurance advisors and attorneys across the nation. The result is the fusion of advanced knowledge, experience, services, and products with sound engineering principles to create a synchronized hub for family and business wealth building.

About Harbor Life Brokerage Harbor Life Brokerage is a leader in the life settlement industry focused on innovation. We work with some of the largest financial service companies in the nation, including life insurance brokers, general agencies, independent agents, and financial advisors. With My Policy Predictor™ and the Harbor Life Exchange, we provide a straightforward and efficient life settlement process for advisors and unlock more investment options for their clients. We look forward to working with new partners to continue building the future of life settlements. Learn more at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  800-557-4881
About The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies: Over the past 44 years, our dynamic family of companies has evolved into the Wealth Engineering Platform to provide a multi-disciplinary portfolio of situational consulting to 2,100+ wealth management, accounting, investment, insurance and law firms across the nation. In coordination with its consortium of independent expert sourcing firms, WE helps wealth advisors better harmonize with the wealth ecosystems of families and businesses through the organization’s WealthEngineering and OpenOption Practice Programs. WE helps wealth advisors fortify their value proposition by fusing new services, products and wealthtech into their firms, creating fresh revenue and profit silos while enhancing client acquisition and retention. WE is also the governing body and grantor of the Chartered Wealth Engineer (ChWE) professional designation. Learn more at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  407.878.3520.