One-Touch360 Mobile Control  •  Seamless Navigation  •  Encased In Dense Cyber Security


The Wealth Ecosystem Dashboard - The ultimate multi-family office

High-Touch Wealth Advisory Integrated With High-Touch Wealth Tech

A Synchronized, Frictionless Platform

Intuitively engineered to “master-the-maze”
Designed For TopTier Advisory Firms and Their Clients

Holistic Harmonization

Everyone, Everything, Anytime, Anywhere

A Globally Secure Mobile App With Text Messaging
Two-Factor Authentication • Data Chunking
Layered, End-To-End, User Keyed Encryption

Organize, Store, Track, Collaborate, Activate, Transmit . . . EVERYTHING
Bridge tax and accounting with bill pay and e-signature with ease. Utilize agile tasking calendars coupled with permissionable file vaults for legal docs, board minutes, insurances, wellness passports, family albums, etc..

Checklists and spreadsheets are gone forever!

Family infrastructures coordinated with enterprise organizational systems
Employ interactive 3-dimensional visualization of entity and ownership structures calibrated with robust net worth and aggregated investment reporting on a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-jurisdiction basis.


Easy Interface Solutions - Win the HNW Advisory Arms Race

Engineered For Top-Tier Advisors

•  Multi-Family Offices

•  Insurance & Investment Firms

•  Retirement Planners

•  Wealth Management Firms

•  Legal & Accounting Firms

•  Financial & Estate Planners

Engineered For Forward-Thinking Enterprises

•  Broker/Dealers

•  Banking Institutions

•  Investment Firms

•  Custodial Firms

•  Hedge Funds

•  Trust Companies

Helping advisors and enterprises maximize generational opportunities by deepening
client relationships . . . more personalized  . . . more holistic

•  Transform into a new wealth management dimension.

•  Rejuvenate the contours of advisory practices to become more agile.

•  Better sync "practice ecosystems" with the "wealth ecosystem" of families and businesses.

•  Install properly designed client strategies and deploy tactics more efficiently.




1. Dynamic information and document organization?
This intuitive system employs checklists and predefined categories to save you valuable time when entering and searching for information.

2. Desire easy onboarding?
Guided checklists prompt you for information or files. Wizards ask questions that personalize to fit your family ecosystem.

3. Need help organizing?
Managing information is a team sport. As "collaborators" family members and trusted advisors can be granted access to any or all of the secure information, while encrypted messaging and notifications keeps everyone up-to-date with changes.

4. Wish to access all information on-the-fly?
The companion mobile app allows for secure access on any device. Want to scan a sensitive document? Forget an important password? The dashboard provides access to all.

5. Concerned about security?
No matter what device, multiple layers of patented privacy and security protocols constantly monitor and safeguard your data.  No need to choose between convenience and security.

6. What about client data ownership?
Clients own their information and they control who sees their information - period. At any point, they can delete or transfer any or all of their stored information.