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Fusing advanced financial knowledge, experience, products
and services with sound engineering principles.

Built Upon The Financial Engineering Platform
OpenOption Dream Engineering

Financial Life Support Systems

In a sea of sameness, brand, position and differentiate
yourself as a “financial solutions provider”

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Evolve Circle

Our Turnkey Concierge Services Approach

Plan • Coach • Train • Negotiate • Implement • Monitor • Refine

Exit Strategy Development

  • Increase “Real” Practice Value
  • Exercise Tactics Often Overlooked
  • Staff and Client Preparation
  • Exhaust Legal & Tax Opportunities
  • Post-Exit Blueprint Implementation

Conversion To Independence

  • Create Business/Marketing Model
  • Operational & Technology Set-Up
  • Provide Fluid Client Conversion
  • “Custodian” and/or “B/D” Selection
  • Commission vs Fee - Solo/Fusion*

New “RIA” Construction

  • Create Business/Marketing Model
  • Operational & Technology Set-Up
  • Execute Registration/Compliance
  • Custodian and/or B/D Selection
  • Provide Fluid Client Conversion

Practice Efficiency Design

  • Perfect Operational Procedures
  • Maximize Technology Usage
  • Increase Management Efficiency
  • Use Best-Of-Class Design Tactics
  • Accelerate Staff Skill Development

Advanced Case Implementation

  • Utilize Our “Engineering” Approach
  • Use Our “Tax Dynamics” Facilities
  • Furnish Offshore Planning Options
  • Fill Business Owner Unique Needs
  • Brain Storm Large/Complex Cases

Build Marketing And Branding

  • Employ Vibrant Marketing Program
  • Devise “Boutique” Differentiation
  • High Quality/Low Cost Advertising
  • Create Dynamic Website Design
  • Design Robust Collateral Materials

Craft Internal Succession

  • Boost Viable “Partner” Interaction
  • Insert Partner Continuity Structure
  • “Buy/Sell” Agreement Execution
  • Groom Personnel For Ownership
  • Augment “Real” Practice Value

Products And Services Fusion*

  • Business Planning & EE Benefits
  • Life Stages/Retirement Planning
  • Asset Protection/Insurance Design
  • Estate Distribution/Planned Giving
  • Trust Services/Tax Planning/Etc.

Practice Valuation - In Motion

  • National/Local Market Assessment
  • Product/Service “Mix” Multiples
  • Proprietary Valuation Weightings
  • Conduct Value “Driver” Analysis
  • Implement “Value Boost” Options

Facilitate: Buy - Sell - Merge

  • Buyer/Seller Confidential Search
  • Negotiation And Implementation
  • Provide Buyer “Funding” Sources
  • Payment Structure & Agreement
  • Exhaust Legal & Tax Opportunities

 *Fusion - Fusing dynamic products, services and compensation into a financial advisory firm.


Financial Success By Design

Ramp-up revenues, client quality and client relationships. Why re-invent your practice when you can re-tool it as you see fit?



Equipped with an arsenal of best-of-breed resources and a highly experienced and multi-disciplined team of professionals, the program can amplify your perpetual value and success.

Fortify your client value proposition by fusing new services and products into your offering; creating fresh revenue and profit silos while enhancing client acquisition and retention.


The Result — Custom Designed Success Blueprints

OpenOption Dream EngineeringTM interfaced with highly competent advice and efficient implementation . . . monitored and refined as needed.


Create An Unfair Advantage For Your Firm

• Side-Step your competition to capture and retain more affluent clients.

• Deal more effectively with client financial life support systemsTM.

• Maintain the “gatekeeper” position your firm already has with clients or rise to that “gatekeeper” position.


• Differentiate your firm in an uncompromising, innovative manner.

• Brand and position your organization as a “financial solutions provider.”

• Activate the planning, marketing and technical tooling mandated by today’s volatile financial arena.


The Engineering Team
A Highly Charged Group Of Professionals

  • We use common sense to help you, your staff and your firm prevail.
  • We deepen your control of your future within today's unprecedented uncertainty.
  • We provide you with “flex and balance” in order to maintain your “choices of options.”
  • We employ a simple-practicality, real-world approach to generate fast-track results.
  • We convert existing deficiencies into long term strengths.



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