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Harmonized to surround the ever-changing needs of Managers of Complex Wealth.

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Our Cache of Client Marketing and Advanced Strategy Programs

Private Label Solutions — Branded marketing materials supported by coaching, case design and training

• The Family Wealth Hub Dashboard
   The Ultimate Family and Business Ecosystem Infrastructure

• Family BusinessEngineering360
   Dealing effectively with their financial life support systems

EBenefitsEngineering for Businesses
   Coordinate employee benefit strategies and tactics effectively

• Business TransitionEngineering
   Transitioning business ownership effectively and efficiently

• Boomer LifeStage Wealth CoachingTM
   Capture TopTier BoomersTM - The Top 9%, HHI of $150,000+

• Wealth Engineering for Pro-Athlete and Celebs
   Dealing effectively with their entire financial ecosystem

• Wealth Engineering for Medical Professionals
   Dealing effectively with their financial life support systems

• The Give Back Nation Affiliate Program
   Maximize “community involvement” for Advisors and Clients

• CharitableCapitalTM Planning
   Planned Giving Redefined - The third form of financial capital

• Turnkey Private Label Trust Services Program
   Powered by a unique trust company and powerful state trust law

• The Leveraged ExecutiveLoanTM
   A alternative to split dollar/deferred compensation design

• The Family Business Private Insurance Company
   Multiple risk, tax and business planning opportunities

• ShadowEquity Incentive BenefitsTM
   Ownership Motivation without the Ownership

• TaxEngineered Accredited InvestingTM
   A paradigm shift in investment, tax and risk management

• The CharitableCapitalTM Gift Annuity Program (CGA)
   A lifetime of receiving through givingTM

• LeveragedIRA GivingTM
   Converting IRA Assets into CharitableCapitalTM

• The FamilyGenerational Trust ProgramTM
   Tax deferred investing within a generational trust

• The PrivateIncome TrustTM Program (PIF)
   Income and tax savings while living - giving at death

• The ManagedIncomeTM Trust (CRT)
   Management of income, investing, taxation and giving

• The PrivateGiving FundTM (DAF)
   A Private Labeled DAF turnkey platform

• The ManagedLead TrustTM (CLT)
   Management of income, investing, taxation and giving