The Wealth Engineering Process - WealthEngineeringTM

A process which seamlessly links the planning, the knowledge, the conceptual and product tooling as well as the client educational techniques required in motivating the affluent to deal more effectively with their Wealth Ecosystems.


This is accomplished by coordinating their needs, concerns and objectives with the surrounding, commingled and ever-changing financial, legal and economic arenas.


The Result

The development, implementation and maintenance of harmony within a Wealth Ecosystem through continuous, positive and intelligent action.

Your Client’s Wealth Engineering EcosystemTM

Your client’s wealth engineering ecosystemTM makes up their entire financial and economic being.

It encompasses the unique attributes of their income and expenses, debt, investment and non-investment assets as well as business entities in conjunction with their specific needs, concerns and objectives.

It is complex, interrelated, ever-changing and extremely susceptible to outside forces. Outside forces like legal, financial and economic.

In order to achieve long term financial success, your clients need you to help them control, protect, maintain and enhance their Wealth Ecosystems on a constant basis.

 An Engineered Approach


Engineering is the application of science by using knowledge, mathematics and practical experience applied to the design of useful processes.

  • Engineers are concerned with the implementation of solutions to practical problems.

  • Engineers want to know how to solve a problem and how to implement a solution.

  • Engineers create solutions to problems or improve upon existing solutions.

  • Engineers understand the relevant constraints in order to produce a successful result.



By understanding the constraints, engineers deduce specifications for the limits within which a system may be successfully operated. the Wealth Ecosystem