Nicholas L. Gregory, Managing Partner

Nicholas L. Gregory is Managing Partner and CEO of The Financial Engineering Institute.

He is dedicated to providing quality financial education, training, marketing, coaching and advanced case design for the financial services, accounting, legal and non-profit communities through our firm’s wealth engineering processTM.


Mr. Gregory is also President and Managing Director of The Charitable Capital Design Center and The Family Wealth Hub. He recently founded Give Back Nation. The non-profit organization’s objective is to create even bigger waves of giving within communities across the nation.


Over the past 40 years Nick has consulted with attorneys, accountants, and financial services professionals in better serving their clients. He also provides consulting for some of the largest financial services organizations in the world.

He functions as a speaker, writer and consultant in the areas of cash management, risk management, investing, taxation, estate preservation, employee benefits, business succession and retirement planning, as well as business valuation, asset protection, and charitable giving.

Mr. Gregory holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Ball State University with minors in Economics and Finance.

Mr. Gregory is a member of the Financial Planners Association, The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, The American Council On Gift Annuities, The International Institute of Financial Engineering, The Charitable Capital Advisory Institute and is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Give Back Nation.

He is proud to have earned the following professional designations:


Chartered Wealth Engineer       Chartered Family Wealth Advisor       Chartered CharitableCapital Advisor