Financial Engineering Institute

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Fusing advanced financial knowledge, experience, products

and services with sound engineering principles.

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Built Upon The Financial Engineering Platform
OpenOption Dream Engineering

In a sea of sameness, brand, position and differentiate

yourself as a “financial solutions provider”

Join 2,200+ TopTier Advisors Across The Country

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Financial Success By Design
Ramp-up revenues, client quality and client relationships
Why re-invent your practice when you can re-tool it as you see fit?

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Are You A TopTier Advisor?

 •  Enjoying your business success by living life with active passion.

 •  Multi-tasking and over-achieving in both business and life.

 •  Time-stressed in dealing with “day-to-day” business challenges.

Multi-tasking between business, family and play can take time away from dealing with the constant change surrounding your firm.


This exclusive concierge approach was built with these issues in mind. Equipped with an arsenal of best-of-breed resources and a highly experienced and multi-disciplined team of professionals, the program can amplify your perpetual value and success.


Fortify your client value proposition by fusing new services and products into your offering; creating fresh revenue and profit silos while enhancing client acquisition and retention.

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Create An Unfair Advantage For Your Firm

Side-Step your competition to capture and retain more affluent clients.


Differentiate your firm in an uncom-promising, innovative manner.

Deal more effectively with client financial life support systemsTM.


Brand and position your organization as a “financial solutions provider.”

Maintain the “gatekeeper” position your firm already has with clients or rise to that “gatekeeper” position.


Activate the planning, marketing and technical tooling mandated by today’s volatile financial arena.



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